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RytNow - Provides digitalized solution to monitor Real time data for manufacturing facility to achieve greater efficiency, quality, and overall performance.

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Seamless Production Optimization with RytNow Systems

Your ultimate digitalized solution for real-time data monitoring in manufacturing facilities. At RytNow, we are passionate about empowering manufacturing plants with cutting-edge IoT software and hardware, enabling seamless monitoring and optimization of production processes.


Improve your efficiency with facility monitoring

RIMM helps to Achieve optimal production efficiency and gain comprehensive operational insights by effortlessly tracking OEE, machine utilization, and downtime, without the need for manual data entry.

Connect Any Machine:

Seamlessly connect, gather, and visualize data from shop floor equipment for enhanced transparency and data-driven decision-making.


Efficiently monitor production performance with historical data, enabling in-depth analysis at different levels (shifts, cells, machines, operators), providing comprehensive insights and performance breakdowns.


Visualize, analyze, and optimize OEE by gaining actionable insights into cycle times, performance metrics, machine availability, and quality indicators. Monitor and enhance production efficiency with data-driven decisions.

Salient Features of RIMM

Real-Time Monitoring for Manufacturing Excellence

Automated Data Collection

Gather production data from equipment seamlessly, without operator inputs.

Streamlined Downtime Capture

Streamline Downtime Capture for Enhanced Efficiency

Machine Utilization Visualization

Visualize machine utilization by hour, shift, day, week, and month to analyze trends

Real-Time Machine Status

Gain instant insights with clean dashboards, clear machine status and analysis through color-coded tiles.

Cloud Computing

Safely handle and access your data from any location using our smooth cloud computing solution.

Energy Monitoring System

Optimize resource consumption efficiently with our real-time energy monitoring system

Fluid Temp Monitoring System

Maintain optimal conditions with our real-time fluid temperature monitoring system.

Auto Tool Detection With RFID

Elevate efficiency with our RFID-enabled auto tool detection for smooth operations


Stay connected and empowered on the go with our manufacturing mobile app.

Instant Performance Report

Gain immediate visibility into production metrics with our instant performance reports.

E-docs On

Digitize documentation for enhanced accessibility and efficiency with our e-docs on the shop floor.


Effortlessly connect and collaborate with external systems through seamless third-party integration.

UI Presentation

RIMM User Interface

Customizable Dashboard

The main dashboard is accessible to Admin and Management, displaying crucial plant data through a trend chart (OEE, OPE, Production, etc.). It allows easy comparison of data from all plants, adjustable for the past 7 or 365 days.

Console View

RIMM offers a console view for the selected plant, with each box representing a machine color-coded to indicate its status. It provides a quick overview of all machines, production data, shots, rejections, process info, Energy, and temperature readings from the last 10 minutes of the current shift. Clicking on a box reveals more detailed information.

Machine Wise Console

Designed for management, this system provides real-time data for each machine, ideal for shop floor display. It shows OEE with its components (Availability, Performance, and Quality) for the current shift, compares actual production to target production, identifies the assigned operator, and provides reasons for downtime.

Supervisor's Dashboard

Supervisors can update real-time status for all resources (Machine, Tool/Operation, Operator, Electricity, Raw material, etc.). A timeline view shows overall changes in the current shift, with color-coded representations of resource status and customizable data from previous shifts.

Production Charts

The production chart compares actual vs. target production hourly, with rejection numbers. It also displays energy consumption per hour (in kWh) and per part (in kWh) for the current shift and previous shifts (accessible through shift tabs).


RIMM offers diverse reports like Breakdown, Customer, and Performance. Accessible reports include machines, production, and tool analysis. Tabular and chart formats are available for easy presentation.

Our team

Our team members

Prasad Kokil

Mr. Prasad Kokil

Aparna Deshpande

Mrs. Aparna Deshpande

Dy. Manager (Programming)
Aniket Akolkar

Mr. Aniket Akolkar

Dy. Manager (Database)
Vibhawari Rajurkar

Ms. Vibhawari Rajurkar

Software Developer
Rushi Mishra

Mr. Rushi Mishra

Instrumentation Engineer
Dhananjay Kambale

Mr. Dhananjay Kambale

Instrumentation Engineer
Vishal Dandge

Mr. Vishal Dandge

Instrumentation Engineer
Satish Kadam

Mr. Satish Kadam

Instrumentation Engineer
Rahul Waghmare

Mr. Rahul Waghmare

Instrumentation Engineer

Our Customers

Frequently asked questions

We have some FAQ

We have an experience of 30 years in manufacturing and understood various methodologies like TQM, TPM, LEAN and Industry 4.0. We understood the exact pain area of shop floor production reporting & required analysis of the management to take decision on capex and opex. We have developed this system along with sister IT company and achived the required information. Hence we feel we can be best partner work for manufacturing units for taking one of the aspect of industry 4.0 as autonomous production report.
This concept is already proven and installed on 400 machines at various locations for various applications. If you want, POC can be done at your end.
We have developed interface to connect the data with SAP and other ERPs provided small changes from SAP / ERP implementation team has to performed.
We will send out representative to your factory to understand your requirements.
We have a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team of 20 employees consisting IT & Electronics engineers and manufacturing personnel.
We will first understand your requirements and then plan for in-house and outsource activities.
To capture real time data, analysing data, representing in required format to the stakeholders can be delivered better whereas any automization, integration with machine may require external help
No, We have given solution for following types of companies also,
  • Plastic/PVC/Rubber
  • Injection Moulding Machines
  • Sheet Metal Press & Fabrications
  • Assembly/ Conveyor Lines with tack time
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Special Purpose Machines
  • and many more...
This system covers following data pints regarding manufacturing,
  • Run Time/Loading Time/Productive Tie
  • Non-Productive time/Downtime
  • Rejections
  • Output